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The Importance of Branded Staff Uniforms

Posted on 18/11/2021

At BrandLogoHere, we supply all types of promotional items to brands.

This includes staff uniforms and branded workwear: embroidered shirts, printed polo shirts, screenprinted t-shirts, customised baseball caps, personalised aprons, embroidered jackets, printed ties, and much more.

So you would be justified in saying that we’re biased when we say we wish more restaurants and retail outlets would go back to issuing branded staff uniforms.

Despite the obvious self-interest, we thought we’d write a quick blog article, as we feel very passionate about the subject, both as branding enthusiasts and as consumers. 

Speaking of consumers — do any of you also dread flagging down the waiter at your local pub, in fear of mistakenly calling over a random customer instead?

The confusion must end!

More broadly, we think not using staff uniforms in a retail setting is a mistake from both a branding and a practical perspective.

Why Uniforms are Crucial to Branding:

Some people think creating a brand means coming up with a snazzy 4-letter name (think Uber, Bolt, Waze, Dott, Lime, etc) and paying someone to knock up a quick logo. This couldn’t be further from the truth. The brand name and logo are probably the two least important parts of any brand.

A brand is a combination of multiple elements coming together in a meaningful way to tell a story: the product, brand personality, name, logo, brand colours, visual identity, tone of voice, website design, social media aesthetic, store design, staff uniforms, customer service policy, etc.

Any one of those things alone is not enough to create a brand. Furthermore, any brand will suffer if any of the key elements are missing or if they don't fit together.

But when they do come together, a brand is born — a story that makes sense to the outside world. For this reason, every aspect of the brand should ‘fit’ and support the narrative. If it doesn't, it's confusing and meaningless.

To us, staff uniforms are a key component of any brand that sells goods or services in a retail environment. The way your team is presented to customers is one of the key elements of your brand. They are the day-to-day face of the business, and they should absolutely be on-brand.

Uniforms represent uniformity (I know, I know). But we’re speaking beyond clothes. We’re speaking of those things that inspire consumer confidence — uniformity of service, uniformity of quality, uniformity of hygiene, etc.

Why Uniforms are Crucial Practical Necessities:

From a day-to-day perspective, there's a reason we wear uniforms in most industries. Whether it's a business suit or a boiler suit, a branded shirt or a baseball cap, branded uniforms are a practical way to achieve crucial goals:

1. It makes it easy for customers to identify staff

When a customer can clearly see who they can approach for service, it creates immediate confidence to engage and order from that person. This reduces any hesitation and increases sales process efficiency.

2. It's an effective way to build brand affinity amongst staff

Brands want their staff to feel pride in their employer. There’s no better way to make them feel part of the brand than to issue them with branded clothing. Also, they’ll save on having to buy work-specific clothing, which may be a significant upfront and ongoing expense for them. They’ll appreciate you and your brand for this.

3. Companies ensure the team looks "on-brand"

Unless they’re wearing your branding, your team will never look truly on-brand. Yes, they may wear similar clothing (jeans and black t-shirt), but that’s just never as strong from a branding perspective.

4. Your employees become walking billboards

A uniform can be jeans and a black t-shirt. But why not print your logo on the front and your hashtag on the back? You have a chance to promote your brand, social media channels, website and ethos by issuing branded uniforms. The upside marketing value outweighs any costs involved.

Does that mean my staff need to wear white shirts and bow ties?

If that’s the best way to represent your brand, sure. But a uniform doesn’t have to mean obeying the traditional norms of a waiter wearing black trousers and a white shirt. The uniform should make sense for your brand. That may mean aprons in a bakery, t-shirts in a pub, or baseball caps in an ice cream shop.

You have the ability to make sure your team are the best brand ambassadors they can be. 

Help them suit up!

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Until next time!

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