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5 Branded Christmas Gifts For Your Staff & Clients

Posted on 15/11/2021

Everyone loves a great Christmas present and the season of giving is almost upon us.

So why not to give your staff and clients a useful and unique branded corporate gift that will blow their stockings off!

There’s not long to go now, so don’t miss out. Please contact us this week to make sure you get your products on time. Between raw material shortages, global supply chain issues and the usual Christmas mania, it’s never been more important to order early.

Without further ado, here are 5 Christmas promotional product ideas for any budget.

1. Corporate Advent Calendars

Gift your staff and clients an Advent Calendar with your corporate branding. They’ll interact with your brand every day during the most joyful time of the year! We have two chocolate options available: the Traditional Advent Calendar and the Desktop Advent Calendar.

We also have Popcorn Advent Calendars, so get in touch if you want something a little different!

Shop Corporate Advent Calendars

2. Personalised Gold Chocolate Coins

These are available as Gold Chocolate Coins and Silver Chocolate Coins. We can brand them on one side with your logo, design or slogan. Who doesn’t like to feel like a big kid sometimes? They’re super tasty too — we just had some last week!

Shop Personalised Gold Chocolate Coins

3. Corporate Calendars & Diaries

A real staple for any office environment. Yes, we all have calendars on our PCs, laptops, phones nowadays, but nothing beats having a physical printed office calendar on your wall or desk. Make sure your clients are looking at your logo every single day during 2022. Of course, we have branded corporate diaries too!

Shop Corporate Calendars & Diaries

4. Branded Tech Products

If you’re looking to really treat your staff and clients, shower them with tech. We can provide branded speakers, branded headphones, branded USBs, branded powerbanks, branded chargers, and much, much more. Check out our promotional tech products category.

Shop Branded Tech Products

5. Branded Water Bottles

This may not feel like a very Christmas-y gift, but we can’t shy away from one of the most well-received promotional products of the moment. Printed water bottles are super useful and super en vogue. Lots of people use them daily and those that don’t…well, they really want one too. Make sure they use one with one your corporate logo on it!

Shop Branded Water Bottles

Feel free to read our blog and browse our website for more promotional merchandise and promotional product ideas.

And don’t forget to contact us this week to get your Christmas promotional gifts on time for Christmas.

Until next time!

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