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5 Promotional Products To Make Your Office Safer

Posted on 03/09/2021

Returning to the office and hosting business meetings IRL has become a contentious issue globally, and we know it’s more important than ever to keep your staff, clients and visitors safe in your premises.

So we thought we’d share some merchandise ideas that will:

  1. Demonstrate your concern for health and safety
  2. Actively protect your staff and clients
  3. Promote your brand

Here are 5 hygiene-focused branded products you can give to your staff, visitors and clients to make them more secure in your premises.

1. Anti-Microbial Promotional Pens

Our range of anti-microbial promotional pens are coated with antibacterial surface protection, so that you can pass them around safely.

Branded pens have always been, and continue to be, one of the most popular promotional items around. And for good reason. We use them all the time, despite access to newer technology. Whether we’re taking notes in a meeting, signing a guestbook at reception, or filling in documents, they are a critical piece of stationery in any office environment, and beyond.

And what’s better than a pen? A pen with your brand on it.


2. Branded Hand Sanitiser

Ensuring clean hands has been one of the most important Covid-19 prevention tactics from the very start, and many of us have taken hand hygiene more seriously ever since.

Your staff and visitors will appreciate easily accessible hand sanitiser. At the same time, if they’re using it, you should end up with a cleaner office, reducing the chances of anything being brought into your premises whenever people go in and out of the building.

Place your large branded hand sanitiser bottles all over the office: at reception, in meeting rooms, bathrooms, kitchen, etc. Gift personal printed hand sanitisers to employees and visitors to make them safer and keep promoting your brand beyond your office walls.


3. Anti-Microbial Branded Office Card Holder

These printed office card holders are fantastic. Not only do they do their job (hold your employee pass), they also feature a hook for opening doors and a point for pressing lift buttons.

Oh, and they are anti-microbial too. There is no better branded office card holder in the market for the times we live in.


4. Anti-Microbial Branded Keyring

We have several anti-microbial branded keyrings available.

One is a simple, collectable-style keyring, others feature a hook for opening doors and a point for pressing lift buttons, and finally we have trolley coin keyrings.

Gift these to employees and clients and they'll always have your brand to hand. Because who doesn’t appreciate a bit of personal safety right now?


5. Branded Face Masks

It’s incredible how quickly face masks became a default accessory across the world.

Yes, we are quite divided as a society on whether we should wear them, but it’s undeniable that many people feel safer wearing them.

Why not show that segment of your staff and clients some empathy by offering them a branded face mask? They’ll appreciate your thoughtfulness, and you’ll get a low-cost, walking, talking advertisement!


Feel free to read our blog and browse our website for more promotional product ideas, or request a callback below to have a chat with us about your next corporate promotion.

Until next time!

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