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How to Choose Promotional Products For Your Clients

Posted on 30/08/2021

Are you thinking of gifting promotional merchandise to your clients?

At BrandLogoHere, we have 1,000+ promotional products on our website and over 100,000 in our database, so you’re definitely in the right place.

And we’re here to help you find the perfect branded products for your business.

You see, we’re not just a promotional product distributor. We’re experienced in all things branding and marketing, and we’re keen to help you find swag that fits your business.

Generally, we believe that you shouldn’t pick merch just because you like the look of it. Yes, of course, you should be excited about the products you gift to your clients. But we want to encourage you to really think about the impact they will have on your clients and your business.

For that reason, we think the products you create need to make sense from a Brand, Marketing and Client perspective:

1. Your Brand

The first question to consider is what type of business you are — B2C or B2B.

If your model is B2C, you may want to consider creating products that your clients will use both privately and publicly. This way you will get double the promotional benefit:

  1. Your clients will remember your brand every time they use the products, and
  2. The general public will see your brand advertised wherever your clients go

Examples of great products for B2C businesses include branded baseball caps, corporate umbrellas, printed tote bags, screen printed t-shirts and custom badges. In short, items that will be visibly seen on the street.

On the other hand, if your model is B2B, you don’t need to worry about your clients using your products publicly too much. You may prefer to select products that are just useful to the recipient, causing them to use your products on a regular basis. Products for the home and office, such as printed mugs, bespoke calendars, branded USB flashdrives and promotional office notepads, are great examples.

So, ask yourself: what do you want to achieve with your new promotional products? Do you want the recipient alone to remember your brand whenever they use them, or will you benefit from the general public seeing your brand too?

2. Your Marketing Goal

Promotional merchandise is a marketing tool, so you really need to think about what goal you want to achieve. Is there a specific event that would benefit from using giveaways or do you want to highlight a brand personality trait or corporate value?

Specific Event:

If you’re taking part in a trade show or hosting a company event, promotional products make a lot of sense. You can use printed tote bags to hold your sales brochures and samples, or simply give your clients something to remember you by long after the event, like a branded keyring.

Brand Personality:

Promotional products are a great way to highlight your brand personality. Let’s say you want to subliminally show your clients that you’re helpful. Gift them a printed umbrella and they’ll get this feeling every time it rains. Give them a custom baseball cap and they’ll thank you whenever they’re having a bad hair day!

Corporate Values:

You may want to show your clients what you stand for by clearly communicating your corporate values. Using sustainable pens and sustainable notepads during client meetings, for example, is a great way of demonstrating your commitment to the environment.

3. Your Clients

Taking the time to consider some basic attributes about your clients should help you determine how useful the products will be to them.

It’s important to remember that promotional products only deliver impact if they’re seen. They’re only seen if they’re used. And they’re only used if they’re useful. So really think about whether the products are useful to your clients.

The most obvious attribute to consider is your client’s work environment. If they work mostly from their office, desk accessories are a great option. If they’re on the road a lot, practical items like printed USB flashdrives and branded powerbanks are always appreciated. If they travel internationally, embossed passport holders and custom luggage tags are fantastic promotional giveaways.

Of course, you can (and should) consider multiple attributes that may define your clients, such as industry, location, typical age, gender, etc.

Keep asking yourself questions to really understand the typical profile of your clients and which products they will find useful in their day-to-day lives.

What Next?

Determining which promotional products make sense for your brand, marketing goal and clients should make shopping for swag a breeze.

In summary, we suggest the following thought process when looking through our website:

  1. Find a promotional product that you like at BrandLogoHere
  2. Think about whether the product makes sense from a brand perspective (B2C vs B2B)
  3. Evaluate whether the product you’re looking at will help you achieve your marketing goal(s)
  4. Put yourself in your clients’ shoes and determine whether they will find the product useful in their daily lives
  5. Place your chosen products in your Quote Basket and click Request a Quote to begin creating your latest promotional giveaways

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Until next time!

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