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5 Gift Ideas To Welcome New Employees

Posted on 20/08/2021

Do you have new employees joining the team in 2021?

Welcome them in style and make sure your company stands out from the competition with custom branded merchandise.

Gifting promotional products to your employees has 3 main benefits:


Your employees chose to join your team for a reason — they like your company. So why not give them corporate swag to show off to their friends and family? Keep encouraging and building that special connection between them and the brand, and let them show the world how thrilled they are to be working for you.


Employees like companies who take care of them. A salary is a given. A great work environment is a hope. Anything else is a perk. Show your new team members that you care by showering them with gifts they’ll find useful. Valued employees are committed employees.


The products listed below are designed to be used on a daily basis. Whether it’s at the gym in the morning, on the way to work, or at the pub on the weekend, your proud employees will use and wear these products, with your brand there for all the world to see. Walking advertising, if you like.

Without further ado, here are 5 promotional products that we think your employees will love, as well as deliver results for you.

1. Promotional Umbrellas

BrandLogoHere Promotional Branded Umbrella

We live in the UK and that means it’s probably going to rain this week. Can you think of a more useful product than an umbrella? We have a large number of options, including regular umbrellas, foldable umbrellas, golf umbrellas, and sustainable umbrellas.


2. Branded Bottles

BrandLogoHere Promotional Branded Bottle

Hydration. It’s a big thing. And we’re here to spoil you with a huge range of promotional water bottle options. Whether you’re looking for regular bottles, sports bottles or sustainable bottles, we have plenty of options to keep your staff healthy on-the-go.


3. Custom Baseball Caps

BrandLogoHere Promotional Branded Baseball Cap

A real classic when it comes to promotional products, baseball caps are worn by all and sundry. Why not make sure your team members wear your branded baseball cap on the weekend and bring awareness to your company wherever they go?


4. Printed T-shirts

BrandLogoHere Promotional Branded Tshirt

For the gym. For the pub. For the weekend. For any time outside the office, really. Let your employees advertise your brand in their daily lives with a custom t-shirt. Oh, and we have sustainable t-shirts available too.


5. Corporate Backpacks

BrandLogoHere Promotional Branded Backpack 2

Do your employees carry their laptop, gym kit and water bottle to the office every day? Why not gift them a branded backpack with your logo on it? We have many options available, including sustainable backpacks and security backpacks. A super thoughtful corporate gift that they will no doubt hugely appreciate.


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